"The Port-Electric Initiative was created to help Ports and Port Tenants transition to a cleaner, more efficient and profitable electric fleet."


Assisting You in Analyzing Current Fleet Electrification Needs

As Ports work to lower emissions from working vehicles, it is imperative that the proper strategic approach is taken when considering cost-effective electrification. Our Free Consultation looks to analyze individual needs to come up with efficient and effective solutions to make the transition painless and convenient. Our approach to electrification is strategic and calculated.

Connecting Producers with Leasing & Purchase Electric Vehicle Providers
Outfitting Unique Equipment with Battery Technology
Connecting You to the Right System Based on Individual Cost-Effectiveness

There are multiple ways to transform a fleet to zero emission. After learning your specific fleet situation we can provide you with the a new electric vehicle, retrofit your current vehicle, or connect you with a lease option based on those findings; always accounting for the short and long-term needs of your profitability and cash flow. Knowing what you need is only valuable if you can actually be connected to the end solution. We connect you to the solution.

Providing You with Ongoing Education and Training

Even though the technology is superior, there is always a learning curve to understand and use the new equipment. As experts in electrification of vehicles and battery technology, we are here to not only connect you with the vehicle, but also to walk you through best practices to maximize safety and efficiency. Sustainable electrification needs the proper education and training for long term success.



With government mandated requirements and the industry’s interests in decreasing emissions, many Ports and Port tenants have been working to make the transition to clean emissions.  This transformation requires vast man-hours of analyzing current systems and figuring out how to best implement the new technology in the most efficient and cost effective way.  The ZeroNox Initiative fast-tracks this transformation process as we utilize our expertise and those of our partners in evaluating these needs and offering comparative electric solutions that fit each individual situation, whether it be to purchase new electric vehicles, retrofit existing vehicles, or lease the vehicles. This evaluation takes into account not just finding the right electric vehicle or battery system to utilize, but also how to find the funding required for those vehicles in a way that makes sense from a profitability standpoint. This free consultation includes assisting in these stages:


1.) Inventory existing non-compliant fleet capability and replacement needs.

2.) Identify the most compatible electrification options between new electric vehicle purchase, retrofitting existing vehicles, or leasing out the vehicles.

3.) Compare options based on cost-effectiveness, efficiency, longevity, and availability for each individual scenario.

4.) Obtain public and private funding for electric transformation.

5.) Assist in strategizing, training, educating, and maintenance of Port electrification.


We created this initiative to assist private and public organizations to rapidly navigate these five stages to a profitable and more efficient operation. We hope to assist your organization in making your equipment, operations, and wallets a little greener.  






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